Come for a session, listen to the whispers of a horse. My herd is adept at pulling strings in your heart and playing long forgotten tunes of love and acceptance. They are your spiritual guides through uncertainty, confusion, and fear on the journey of life leading to celebration and healing.

Private Two-hour Sessions:

These private two-hour sessions are held in a confidential, intimate setting that allow you to interact with the horses and further your journey of self discovery in privacy.

Once a Month Drop-In Sessions:

Once a month drop-in sessions last 2-3 hours depending on content and number of participants. We explore recurring dreams, personality, habits, and values.

Small Group Day Sessions:

Great opportunity to meet the horses and get a taste for the work while exploring a part of yourself with a small intimate group.

Two Day Retreat:

This inclusive retreat allows you to fully step away from your day to day life. Giving you a well deserved break while creating a strong and safe space to create lasting change.

Once a Month Follow Up Sessions:

Once a month follow up sessions to the weekend retreats, allow participants the opportunity to further explore discovery or healing initiated during our inclusive retreats.

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