Meet the Healing Horses of Horsefeathers

This is my healing herd. These exquisite equine entities have chosen to work with me to create a world of powerful wholeness. These wonderful horses are a part of my family. They each have gifts and voices uniquely their own. You are welcome to meet them and celebrate their individual styles.  

Squirrel: Introducing Squirrel! She is our big-hearted, off-the-track thoroughbred whose vibrant energy infuses her coaching sessions. She brings her special blend of spunk, strength and courage to the table when working with us. Squirrel has a touching “story” of trauma and pain, but do not try to give her pity or put her in the role of victim. Not Her! She left her baggage far behind in the past, she embraces the here and now. She judges each person separately from her abusers. She throws herself into her training and coaching. As my daughter’s jumping horse, she was honest and fearless. She brings that same energy to every session.

Tuscany: This Appendix, no-nonsense horse is a very hard worker who is precise and dedicated. She has a high work ethic and expects the same from you. If she choses to work with you be prepared for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Tuscany is a beautiful girl with a kind heart who demands your full presence because she always gives 100 percent she expects the same of you. She is an elegant and sophisticated guide to your truth.

Max: This handsome Gypsy Vanner was the inspiration for the name of my company. With his beautiful and flowing feathers, this attention seeking horse loves to be groomed and begs for treats.  He shares his calm, laid back energy with what ever is happening, helping to ground the energy and soften our hearts.

Triton: Ah. Our wonderful Triton. With the overpowering presence of a Clydesdale, this Welsh Section A Pony  is bigger than life – and he knows it. A big bang in a small package. He is the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet. He welcomes attention and thrives to show off for an audience. He has been around the block a few times and reads us humans like a children’s book.

Pumpkin Spice: This Arabian Morgan Cross is the socialite of the group. She is very into the social scene and loves to be in the midst of girl gossip and chit chat. Do not let her cute size fool you, she is a powerhouse of healing energy. She often works with Triton as a dynamic duo.

Bernie: Our larger than life Bernie is a Dutch Warm Blood from the Trakkaner line. He has a big personality and a huge heart. His dressage days are over, now he uses his unique personality to challenge his clients to bring their A game to every session!

Zemi: Zemi is our gorgeous and talented Holsteiner who just wants to charm everyone with her sweet, gentle spirit. Being new to the coaching, she usually takes a supporting role in our sessions, but you never know when she will want to step up and lead her own coaching.