My name is Suzanne Sears and I am the founder of Horsefeathers Coaching. I love people. Always have. I see their beauty, I feel their pain. I love their diversity. I celebrate our similarities. I have a gift for accepting them where they are and I am not easily shocked. For decades, people have voluntarily opened their hearts and bared their souls to me. This “gift” has led to some very interesting conversations in unusual circumstances. I kept thinking, now what do I do with this story? I am being given a precious gift of trust, how do I honor the person and create healing?

Now enter the horses… our daughter was born a horse person (they are in my family so I recognize them when I meet them, although I was not born one). So as I dutifully brought her out to ride these magnificient, beautiful creatures I kept bumping into the feeling that they were saying and doing much more than trotting around the arena preforming downward transitions, side passes, etc. They carry with them an energy so magical and full of mystery that I began searching for answers to unknown questions! They would look at me with their soul piercing eyes and I would wonder… what do they see that I am missing? I would go home at night puzzled and obsessed. What are they saying? What are they doing?!?!?! Who are they?!?! Which led me down a deeply spiritual and expansive soul reconstruction.

Eventually I attended a conference with Melisa Pearce and Anna Twinney called Move Toward Love. I thought I was attending more to learn horsemanship skills and the language of horses. What a surprise for me when I saw Melisa and her horses working magic together to create the opportunity for people to finish their unfinished business and of bringing wholeness to their lives! I felt it in every cell of my body… I found IT… my life mission, my  passion, my blend of strengths and loves… People and Horses, Stories and Healing! Two years later and lots of tears and tons of personal work have opened the door for me to embark on a new grand adventure. I am leading my herd on a mission to clear out the unnecessary baggage and welcome our true materpeices! This is why I am a EGCM coach. I love stepping into peoples lives to discover their truth and experiencing it with them. Moving and shifting the energy to bring about lasting change and conscious co-creation.