Coaching services are held on a regular basis. Each week I hold 45 minute phone coaching packages, and private two hour sessions. We also hold once a month drop in days, small group follow-up sessions and a two-day, one night stay retreats through out the year. At each session you work with the horses. This means You have the chance to touch them, brush them, feed them and connect with them. You will not be asked to ride the horses, this is not a riding lesson. I can recommend several wonderful barns for riding the various disciplines.

Tips for Sessions:
  • No horse experience necessary!
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Closed toe shoes are a MUST, tennis shoes and boots are recommended
  • Sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops and flannels are recommended
  • NOTE: These guys have a knack for sharing their environment with you and for letting you take some of it home!!
  • You will not be riding the horses unless it becomes absolutely essential for the healing process, even then, it is not a traditional riding lesson
  • Please, come with an open heart and mind, and be ready to listen for the whispers of our equine friends
  • Amenities are provided for all sessions, including the over night retreats

In these sessions, we create the opportunity for you to gain awareness of your strengths and shadows; and how to harness both to achieve your true dreams. It is up to you how you experience the sessions, how willing are you to discover yourself through the horses?

Sessions Bring Up:
  • Self confidence
  • Traumatic past events, long forgotten passions
  • Your long lost inner child
  • Authentic voice
  • Your litany of “should” in a new life
  • Things you have forgotten about yourself
  • A deeper connection to your true self