Compassion • Acceptance • Growth

Compassion • Acceptance • Growth

Welcome Friend,

I feel your heart has lead you here, to a place where love and understanding radiate from the spirit of a horse.

As a fellow LightWorker, I sometimes wrestle with the shadows my lightwork casts on my spirit. I find comfort and guidance from my horses. Horses see our potential, they see our truth. They are attracted to our authentic light, the unique beauty that lies within each one of us. Through their eyes, we can step up and embrace our divine gifts. They encourage us to grow by taking action to shine our light brighter into the world. They remind us a good herd requires its members to all be their highest and best selves.

At Horsefeathers Coaching we create the opportunity for you to heal and shine by seeing yourself through the eyes of the horse. My job is to facilitate the opportunity for you to explore your past, present and future along with your insecurities and your strengths. By allowing you the space to become aware of all your facets, you become the co-creator of your own masterpiece. Through the eyes of a horse you can experience your authentic self… enlightened, full, and beautiful.

Suzanne Sears, CEO and Founder of HorseFeathers Coaching

When we truly awaken, the equine spirit can interact with us in a completely magical way.

In our crazy busy lives, true connection is a rare and beautiful experience. The herd is just waiting for us to show up.

My business is a bridge spanning the space between the spirit of the horse and the spirit of yourself. When you come for a session or workshop you have the opportunity to be with one horse who chooses you. Each session is as unique as you are. This is not about riding the horse – riding rarely happens – this is about being with the horse and listening to the horse. Sometimes we laugh, often we cry, but always we experience ourselves in a new way.

My equine friends have no watches or cellphones dictating their attention. They are in the here and now, fully present, and this is a gift that they offer up to you.

Come find out what they have to share with you!

This is about taking ownership of your life, becoming 100 percent responsible for the masterpiece that is you. Horsefeathers Coaching is unique and different than other methods of equine coaching, thanks to the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method developed by Melisa Pearce (read more about the EGC Method here). Our private or group sessions allow you to recognize your inner strengths and shadows to see the beauty that is exclusively you. Each session is uniquely designed by and around you. You get out what you put in. If you show up fully, so do the horses. If you hold back, so do they. When you are ready to examine and explore, so are they. You set the pace. When you are ready simply contact me.

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method is the Key

One of my favorite things about EGCM is the perspective of the method. I am not an expert on you. Only You are an expert about You. You have your answers, you have your own inner wisdom. The techniques taught by Melisa, allow the horse and I to help you clear out the nonsense that is blocking your inner wisdom. By asking you different questions than you keep asking yourself and shifting your perspective, you can hear your answers, you can create your own Ah ha. This is why each session is so unique, so special and so powerful. It’s your truth, your wisdom, Your best self showing up to teach you!

Progress not perfection, a step in the right direction.